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About Terrapane

Terrapane is a privately held company that provides services in the areas of business development, product development, product sourcing, trade show assistance, product marketing, and importing and exporting. Terrapane is based in the United States and focuses primarily on the needs of those conducting business between the United States and China.

Primarily, we provide services to companies and individuals seeking to do business between the United States and China. Projects we undertake vary in size and scope, and each is given individual attention and staffed to the appropriate level to ensure that our customers are able to meet business objectives. Some projects require only a few days, while more complex projects require years of direct or off and on engagement.

Terrapane does not engage in the retail sale of products, though we do sometimes wholesale products if that is in the interest of our customers. Generally for product sourcing activities, especially sourcing products from China, Terrapane does not act as the seller or agent. Terrapane provides an array of services, directly or indirectly, to help our customers acquire products from China or the United States. Some of those services include identification of manufacturers, assistance in product design, quality control and inspection, and working with licensed export companies and brokers to get those products to our customers. What this means to our customers is that we are never a "middleman" and our customers appreciate that.

The Terrapane name and Terrapane logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Terrapane Corporation.