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The projects that Terrapane take on can be as simple as translating a document to as complex as setting up manufacturing operations in China. Perhaps you just need a formal business introduction face-to-face with your business associate? We can do that, too.

The most active part of our business is importing products from China, wherein we help companies with new or ongoing sourcing activities. These activities often range from identifying manufacturers of products that require little or no change to selecting a manufacturer and working with our customers and the Chinese manufacturer in order to develop entirely new products to working with shipping companies and customs brokers to get the products to your door.

The range of services we perform are broad and include:

  • Importing and exporting products
  • Quality control services
  • Component integration
  • Product assembly
  • Logistics, including movement of goods within and between countries
  • Identifying manufacturers and distributors
  • Building and strengthening partnerships
  • Finding strategic partners
  • Facilitating the establishment of franchises
  • Securing manufacturing facilities
  • Setting up distribution channels
  • Arranging customer surveys
  • Providing oral interpretation and written translation services
  • Facilitating the establishment of in-country offices
  • Facilitating the establishment of Joint Ventures (JVs) and Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFEs)
  • Providing human resource services
  • Working with government officials to obtain business permits and licenses
  • Product marketing (including trade shows)