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Quality versus Cost

February 5, 2009

Sometimes going to China and getting the cheapest price does not always translate into the highest profit. This is a good lesson often learned the hard way.

Manufacturers that offer the cheapest prices often suffer from poor communication skills, poor product quality, poor customer service, or other. You may find yourself spending much more time and money correcting problems that should have never arisen in the first place. Do not let your profits erode due to communication problems or the selection of a bad manufacturer.

In addition, you should always take necessary steps to ensure product quality before your product ships from China. To that end, you should consider using the services of a quality control company to inspect your goods and reject products that do not meet your product quality requirements.

What is this about product quality requirements? This is one of the more important considerations that are often overlooked by companies when they first engage Chinese manufacturers. It is vitally important that you define the quality standards for your products, which might include material composition, stiffness, elasticity, resistance to wear, shelf life, or other specifics.

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